Mike Pence using 'hearsay evidence', China says on U.S. election 'meddling'

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Mike Pence using 'hearsay evidence', China says on U.S. election 'meddling'

Washington D.C. Oct 05: United States Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday launched a scathing attack on China, accusing them of using predatory economic practices and military aggression against the USA and trying to cripple President Donald Trump's chances of winning re-election.

Pence outlined the alleged efforts before the Hudson Institute think tank in Washington, saying it includes overt efforts including placing ads in US newspapers, as well as more subtle maneuvers.

Neither Mr. Trump nor Mr. Pence provided hard evidence of Chinese meddling. The vice president said a senior American intelligence official told him "what the Russians are doing pales in comparison to what ..."

The administration has imposed tariffs on some $250 billion worth of Chinese exports.

Pence lashed out at China for focusing its retaliatory tariffs on states vital to the Republicans electoral chances. Those tariffs have taken a toll on farm states like Iowa.

"By one estimate, more than 80% of US counties targeted by China voted for President Trump and I in 2016", Pence said. "We have to further integrate into the global economy and the global governance, and we are ready to take up more responsibilities and make greater contribution in this regard". But I've never seen anything like the scope of the Chinese activities.

USA officials have said they are considering targeted sanctions for human rights abuses. "We will not stand down", the text said. However U.S. media reported earlier that China had initiated the delay.

The speech by Pence had the twin goals of expressing a desire to work closely with China, while warning of what he said is the country's "whole-of-government approach" to expand its influence and interests globally and within the United States. "Instead, China has chosen economic aggression, which has in turn emboldened its growing military".

The vice president, a favorite of conservative US Christians, also criticized China on human rights, voicing disappointment that rising prosperity has not led to reforms.

"China has built a State surveillance unparalleled, which continues to grow and become more intrusive, often with the help of american technology", -he said. We will not be intimidated.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying accused Pence of making "unfounded accusations" in his remarks made to a Washington think tank on Thursday, and called on the U.S. to stop slandering China.

Washington has long cited China as a major culprit in the hacking of USA government and corporate databases.

Analysts say that Chinese leaders have long feared that Washington policy in the Asia Pacific region was created to box in China and contain its rise, and believe that Pence's speech is likely to fuel those concerns. He noted the two leaders have worked closely together on a variety of issues, including efforts to rid North Korea of its nuclear weapons.

"In one recent example, they threatened to deny a business license for a major USA corporation if it refused to speak out against our administration's policies", the text said, without specifying the company.

Larry Kudlow, the director of the White House s National Economic Council, separately said that the United States was speaking to the European Union and Japan about taking joint action against China. "But there's also a much larger need for cooperation".

Cui recalled meeting with Pence when the vice president was still governor of Indiana. "Why should we cut off all these ties, all these natural ties between the two peoples?"

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