New 'Doctor Who' Is a Smash Hit in the Ratings

New 'Doctor Who' Is a Smash Hit in the Ratings

New 'Doctor Who' Is a Smash Hit in the Ratings

It's rare that I don't love Doctor Who, even when I'm frustrated with it, even when it makes me cry, but this was one of those times.

Also on the cast, The Doctor will have three companions with her - Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole, and Mandip Gill, who will play Graham O'Brien, Ryan Sinclair and Yasmin Khan. I appreciate that the show went beyond the typical beat of immediately moving beyond a character's death, and I suspect the grief of her death will be a continuing character development as the season continues. While the new Doctor Who premiere was certainly helped by the fact that it's an extremely popular franchise, the ratings are an impressive feat nonetheless. Now, I know that nothing's ever universally loved, so I've genuinely tried to find some less positive reactions, but I can't find anything too venomous at all.

And it's safe to say she is already a firm favourite with BBC viewers.

'Jodie Whittaker is an unbelievable Doctor.

"Good to hear a northern accent that isn't gratuitous or for comic effect", posted one appreciative viewer on Twitter.

Apart from the Doctor, who's still disorientated after the regeneration, quipping that she was "a white-haired Scotsman" only half-an-hour earlier, the transformation is batted aside in favour of jumping straight into the action. If you'd like to put a mini-review down in the comments, I'd love to know what the mood of the readership is. "And why recast if you don't want to continually have a new perspective?"

What kind of equipment is Doctor Who filmed with? And to top it off, the doctor herself was in the house. But then becoming an actor and having friends in it and working with people on it and in it, or had been in it and been a part of it, it becomes a very familiar world.

'She brought the episode to life and provided so much joy and energy!'

While there wasn't a surprise phone call or shock cameo in this instalment, we did manage to see the Doctor get to work building her Tardis - or Tardis-esque contraption - completely from scratch, along with her sonic screwdriver.

Christopher Stevens wrote the first episode signalled a welcome return for a show that had lost its way with an unlikeable Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.

But Whittaker assured people a year ago when her debut was announced that no one should be frightened now that Dr.

Doctor Who will be available on ABC iView on Mondays at 5.45am AEDT, from October 8, immediately after the United Kingdom broadcast.

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