NFL Reporter Melissa Stark Hit In Head By Football, Makes Epic Comeback

Reporter Melissa Stark hit on head by football during NFL report

Nothing Like Live Television! WATCH NFL Reporter Hit by Ball Ahead of Match

The game saw the Tennessee Titans go up against the Los Angeles Chargers (with the latter winning 20-19), the second of three National Football League fixtures this season to be played at London's Wembley stadium.

Melissa Stark of the NFL Network kept her head in the game Sunday after a rogue football smashed her in the noggin.

Stark, who has been with the NFL Network since 2012, continued to give her report right after getting hit in the head. She maintained professional and had a sense of humour throughout the broadcast, saying "I've really taken one for the team!"

Her colleagues immediately commended her poise and composure, as did fans on social media.

A host of veteran reporters expressed their adulation over the display in a show of support for Stark.

In a show of sportsmanship Stark posted the clip on Twitter to her ordeal with the world. "London, I'll never forget you!" she joked, adding that she was thankfully "already off the injury report".

The Chargers ended up winning today's game in London, 20-19.

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