Selena Gomez Hospitalized For 'Emotional Breakdown'

TMZ reports that Gomez returned to the hospital twice in the last month due to a low white blood cell count, which is a side effect of the surgery.

The first incident occurred at her Studio City home in the last week of September; friends said she was "despondent and emotional" over her alarmingly low white blood cell count in the wake of her kidney transplant.

Fans around the world have poured onto social media to pray for U.S. singer Selena Gomez amidst reports that she was booked into a mental health facility after suffering a breakdown.

Selena Gomez, 26, has a lot of loyal fans, and they're rallying around her as she recovers from health issues and an "emotional breakdown." That was when she apparently tried to rip the IVs out of her arm and had a "meltdown". The site notes that the condition could stem from her kidney transplant.

In February 2018, Gomez completed two weeks in rehab for depression and anxiety, marking her third time in treatment for her issues, after which sources told Page Six she was avoiding alcohol.

Sources close to the website also revealed that the singer wished to leave after she was admitted. TMZ adds that there have been signals from her camp in the past few weeks.

Currently, Selena is receiving dialectical behavior therapy at a psychiatric facility on the East Coast, which she has received before. Her message referred to the hurtful impact of "negative comments".

It's not the first time the troubled singer, who announced a social media sabbatical in late September, has sought help.

She wrote on Instagram: "Taking a social media break".

She announced the news on social media in September 2017, writing of Raisa on Instagram, "There aren't words to describe how I can possibly thank my attractive friend Francia Raisa".

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