SNL’s Susan Collins Believes Women, Until It’s Time to Stop

As the decision looms anti Kavanaugh demonstrators weigh on a Maine senator’s tiny staff

SNL’s Susan Collins Believes Women, Until It’s Time to Stop

"As I watch numerous Senators speak and vote on the floor of the Senate I feel like I'm right back at Yale where half the room is laughing and looking the other way". And because it was created to directly influence her vote, the legality may be dicey.

Even after the FBI returned with no evidence to back up those accounts, Democrats denounced the investigation and pleaded with Republicans to join them in rejecting Justice Kavanaugh. Sen. A crowdsourcing group says it has secured pledges of more than $3 million for her opponent in 2020.

They had reason to hope she was on their side after Ms. Collins late last month demanded that the Federal Bureau of Investigation look into sexual misconduct accusations lobbed at Justice Kavanaugh, dating back to high school and college parties in the 1980s.

Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of office to the 53-year-old Kavanaugh in a private ceremony just hours after the Senate voted 50-48 on Saturday to confirm his life-time nomination to fill the vacancy on the nine-member court.

Kavanaugh's ascendance to the Supreme Court now gives conservatives a working majority that could restrict abortion rights and halt the expansion of the rights of LGBT people.

Here are five things that Collins got horribly wrong when came out in support of Kavanaugh's confirmation. According to a new report from Planned Parenthood, 25 million USA women of reproductive age "are poised to lose access to abortion immediately if Kavanaugh is the fifth vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade". "Is she mistaken?" Hirono said, adding that "anybody watching" her testimony would conclude she was being truthful about her story.

In reply to Dickerson's question why the fact that Fold told her husband and her therapist about the assault long ago did not amount to corroboration, Collins cited Ford's failure to avail herself of the opportunity to have further interviews with bipartisan staff investigators of the Judiciary Committee.

She also alleged that at some parties, boys lined up by a bedroom to "gang-rape" incapacitated girls and claimed those in the lineup included Kavanaugh and Judge. "Collins VOTES NO on Kavanaugh OR we fund her future opponent".

"I have met with so many Mainers that were sexual assault survivors", she told the TV station.

Old Republican names, now nearly lost to history, were the thought leaders and kingmakers of the GOP: Governor and Senator Leverett A. Saltonstall, Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Senator Prescott Bush, Senator Margaret Chase Smith, Rep. Hamilton Fish IV and others were of the old breed of Yankee, mostly Protestant "good government" Republicans who were more in tune with the progressivism of Teddy Roosevelt than the growing conservative movement.

Former Obama National Security Adviser Susan E. Rice, who was forced to pull her nomination for secretary of state over concerns that she lied to the country in 2012 about the Benghazi terrorist attacks, hinted that she might run to unseat Ms. Collins in 2020, tweeting "me" Friday in response to the question "who wants to run for senator in Maine?"

But Rice defended her connection to the state, saying at a New Yorker event that "My ties to ME are long and deep".

"The president has broad discretion to consider a nominee's philosophy, ' she said, blasting Democrats for 'over-the-top rhetoric and distortions" of Kavanaugh's professional record.

Collins on Sunday belittled a possible challenge from Rice, saying that "everybody knows" she does not live in Maine.

"Over the years, the people of Maine have trusted me to exercise my best judgment".

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