Telltale Games Lays Off Part Of Its Remaining "Skeleton Crew"

Telltale Games Lays Off Part Of Its Remaining

Telltale Games Lays Off Part Of Its Remaining "Skeleton Crew"

One must be living under a rock if they haven't heard of the unexpected closure of Telltale Games. Much like the majority of Telltale's former employees, she says she did not receive severance pay for her work since the closure of the studio weeks back, nor through today.

Now, according to narrative designer Rachel Noel's tweets, it looks as though the "skeleton crew", as the last few employees had been referred to, have now been laid off as well.

At the same time, the sources indicated that the ideal would be that the original team could work on the conclusion of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, but this will be hard since many of these creatives are already looking for another job or have already obtained it, besides that the negotiations between Telltale and the other companies talk about a short contract for the completion of the project.

The number of staff still remaining at Telltale is now unknown. As always, our best wishes go out to all the former employees who were affected by the Telltale layoffs.

Be sure to check out our review for Episode 2 of The Walking Dead's Final Season, which is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. "I'm not concerned at the moment with telling that story in the comics".

The report also detailed that episode 3 of the series was almost complete with it being just about ready for a ratings review, a task that usually takes place during the final stages of development. Some insiders have accused former CEO and co-founder Kevin Brunera - a highly abrasive personality, according to several anonymous accounts - as playing a major role in numerous most destructive changes within the company and cultivating a "culture of fear".

Telltale is also facing legal action now, as a class-action lawsuit has been filed against the company for breaking Californian working laws regarding the layoff.

ATTENTION: We have removed season passes for The Walking Dead: The Final Season from stores for the time being.

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