Want to be Trump's Guy? Body Slam a Reporter

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Tom Williams CQ-Roll Call Group

He was charged with misdemeanor assault.

He paid a $385 fine, completed 40 hours of community service and 20 hours of anger management counselling, and donated $50,000 to the CPJ.

Trump had praised the deputies Greg Gianforte on the eve of a campaign appearance with the words: "Any guy who can make a Bodyslam, someone, I guess". "Any guy that can do a body slam, he's my kind of guy", Trump told the crowd, adding that he'd correctly believed the attack would help Gianforte win the special election to fill Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's seat.

"I said, 'Wait a minute".

Want to be President Donald Trump's "guy"?

Trump, who spent the beginning of the week defending Riyadh amid allegations that the Saudi regime was behind the presumed killing of Jamal Khashoggi, slightly shifted his tone Thursday, acknowledging in an interview that the Washington Post contributor had likely been murdered and suggested he'd hold the kingdom accountable if it was confirmed to be responsible. "Hey, to go out and say, as a guy who is a little bit - who is un-PC, and probably won because he's un-PC".

After days of denying to know his whereabouts, Saudi Arabia on Saturday admitted that Khashoggi was killed during a fight inside the consulate.

But on Thursday, Trump made it clear he's not ashamed of Gianforte's actions - he's proud of them. He wished that the president had surprised him, he said.

If you think the press is the enemy of the American people, why wouldn't you praise people who beat up journalists.

Trump's comments drew condemnation from The Guardian, other journalists, USA lawmakers, a spokesman for Britain's prime minister and people on Twitter. But accounts from a team of Fox News reporters that had witnessed the incident as well as audio recorded by Jacobs contradicted Gianforte's claim.But Jacobs also said that he's concerned about the signal Trump's praise of Gianforte may be sending to other countries.

Nossel added: "During a week when the world is riveted in horror at the brutal murder of a journalist by the Saudi government, Trump's remarks are a chilling reminder that United States global leadership on press freedom has collapsed utterly under the president's watch".

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