15 killed as truck hits 31-car lineup in China

China bus crash

15 killed as truck hits 31-car lineup in China

At least 15 people were killed and dozens more injured on Saturday evening when a truck lost control and crashed into a line of vehicles waiting outside of an expressway toll station near the Gansu capital of Lanzhou.

More than 30 people were injured in the accident, in the city of Lanzhou.

The day before this tragedy, seven people lost their lives in a traffic accident caused by an out-of-control heavy-duty truck crossing into the opposite lane and hitting oncoming traffic in Yingjing county, Sichuan province.

Violations of traffic laws were blamed for almost 90% of accidents that caused deaths or injuries that year.

Photo taken on Nov 3, 2018 shows the site of a traffic accident at Lanzhou south toll station of Lanzhou-Haikou expressway in northwest China's Gansu province. The driver said the vehicle had a brake failure in the continuous downhill section of the expressway. It was Li's first time driving the stretch of road, the China Daily said.

Last week a scuffle between a bus driver and a passenger caused a bus to plunge from a bridge into a river in southwest China, killing all 15 people on board. According to him, the vehicle brakes failed.

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