15-Year-Old Confessed to Strangling Mom Over a Bad Grade: Cops

15-Year-Old Confessed to Strangling Mom Over a Bad Grade: Cops

15-Year-Old Confessed to Strangling Mom Over a Bad Grade: Cops

The boy faces murder charges, Sheriff Chitwood said. He called the suspect a "soulless individual", and probably one of the "top three sociopaths" he ever crossed paths with.

Investigators say Ramos killed her after they argued about his school grades.

But deputies who arrived at the scene were suspicious of Ramos' demeanor and allegedly got him to confess to the crime during an interrogation. So he went back to strangle her again.

Ramos' father was away on business at the time of the killing.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood told news outlets the teenager was arrested early Saturday after the body of 46-year-old Gail Cleavenger was found under a church fire pit.

After burying the body eight inches deep, Ramos returned home and went to school, but left early in order to establish his alibi.

Ramos reportedly bragged that he gave an "award-winning performance" for the cops while reporting the break-in.

Ramos called 911 after he got home from school Friday and reported his mother missing and his home burglarized.

"These guys helped him bury his mother back here", Chitwood said.

Authorities said Ramos wasn't emotional in his confession.

'He had no sign of remorse. "By all accounts she was an wonderful human being", Chitwood said. "Very proud of what he did". To watch how cold and callous he was when talking about it was the most shocking thing to me'.

Ramos also told Pagliari that his mother was abusive toward him and thought she might kill him one day.

He added that there was no evidence of this, and no evidence that Gail had been abusive toward him. The boy used a wheelbarrow and the family van to take his mother's body to the River City Church and buried her under a fire pit, deputies said.

Ramos helped cook up the story using his training as a part of Orange City Police Explorers. He wanted to be a homicide detective.

The son entered her room about 12:30 a.m. Friday, investigators said.

A judge on Sunday ordered a 15-year-old DeBary teenager, whom authorities said confessed to strangling his mother, to remain in juvenile detention until the next hearing in the case, according to a local state attorney's office.

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