Airline passengers create stink over durian cargo, Latest World News

Indonesian Plane Delayed For An Hour Over Freight Of Stinky Fruit

Airline passengers create stink over durian cargo, Latest World News

But Zidane said that despite the complaints, the pilot had decided the fruit - the smell of which some find nauseating - would remain stored in the cabin during the flight.

For those not in the know about the fruit's smell, food writer Richard Sterling once wrote, "its odor is best described as...turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock".

The odour of a cargo of stinky fruit caused passengers of an Indonesian flight to demand crew remove it before departure.

Passengers then left the aircraft, refusing to fly unless the fruit was removed.

If it stinks this bad, you gotta admit, you kind of wonder why anyone would ever want to taste it.

The thorny durian is a delicacy in much of Asia but also controversial - you either love it or hate it. Some countries have banned patrons from carrying and eating it on public transportation, airlines, and accommodation services.

Passenger Amir Zidane said, in a Facebook post, that he had flagged the issue with a member of the cabin crew.

Boyke Ledy Watra, a journalist from Indonesia's news agency Antara, happened to be on the flight and reported that several passengers were arguing with the flight attendants that nearly led to a fight.

Sriwijaya Air eventually made a decision to unload the sacks of durian from the flight, causing them to depart at 11.40am, an hour later than scheduled.

The flight eventually took off around 11:40am local time (04:40 GMT), an hour later than scheduled.

A flight was delayed for an hour after irate passengers complained about a terrible smell filling the plane cabin.

Eventually, they were all asked to leave the plane while the crew unloaded the durian.

The company went on to say that it was normal practice for Indonesian airlines to carry durian in the hold, "as long as [the durian] is packed well and enclosed in the cargo according to standard operating procedure". "Many airlines do this", senior corporate communications manager Retri Maya said in a statement to the Jakarta Post.

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