Barack Obama Slammed the Trump Administration While Campaigning in Florida

GOP Congressman Rod Blum faces disenchanted voters at a town hall meeting in May

Barack Obama Slammed the Trump Administration While Campaigning in Florida

Donald Trump is pulling out all the stops with just a day to go in the US Midterm elections.

The president said the main focus of his campaigning is on the Senate, while talking to reporters on the White House lawn Sunday.

But the race for the Senate and the House of Representatives is close and anything could happen in the final day of campaigning - especially now former president Barack Obama is on the campaign trail.

President Trump dismissed the idea of the so called "blue wave" yet again in the face of his economic success.

"In earlier days, until about the 1980s, it was possible for Democrats and Republicans to form a coalition and pass legislation", says Hart, Carleton University's former Simon Reisman Chair in trade policy and author of A Trading Nation: Canadian Trade Policy from Colonialism to Globalization. Majorities in both parties say he's extremely important to their vote (55% of Republicans, 53% of Democrats). "But I have never seen such an enthusiastic Republican Party".

"They must be pretty scared on the Democrat side if they're pulling out the big guns and they have Barack Obama out campaigning", she said. Trump has seized on the nativist us-versus-them message that resonated with his base during the fiery 2016 campaign as he races across the country to secure votes, using inflammatory language as he paints a country under threat from hordes of illegal immigrants, rampant crime and far-left Democrats.

"They're making more money".

On the question of whom they would prefer to control Congress, Democrats drew 50 percent of likely voters to Republicans' 43 percent.

Mr. Van Hollen, meanwhile, said Mr. Trump's strident style is keeping his red state incumbents in the game, while giving Democratic challengers in places such as Texas, Tennessee, Arizona and Nevada a shot.

Among likely voters, a majority, 52% say they strongly disapprove of the way the president is handling his job, 35% say they strongly approve of his work as President, and just 11% of those likely to vote on Tuesday say they don't have strong views on Trump.

It did not take long for the video to go viral, with many praising the former U.S. president Barack Obama.

Mr Trump said: "Rumour has it that Senator Joe Donnelly of IN is paying for Facebook ads for his so-called opponent on the Libertarian ticket".

"We're not only going to hold the majority, I think we're going to add to it", Sen.

"It has closed", Republican pollster Bill McInturff told the Journal.

In an integrated North American economy, not knowing whether USA spending is on or off can make a big difference to Canadian suppliers, too.

Pop star Taylor Swift urged voters to back Mr. Bredesen, though Mr. Trump responded in kind late Sunday, opening his rally in Chattanooga with country star Lee Greenwood, who performed his "God Bless the USA" - a staple at Trump rallies.

Trump is complaining at a rally in Georgia that "we pay these countries hundreds of millions of dollars" even though "they don't do a damn thing for us".

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