Business Owner From Area 'Recovering' After Alleged Punch By Alec Baldwin

"Saturday Night Live took on Fox News and it's coverage of the migrant march

This week's episode of SNL was surely rare in its own way.

McKinnon's purported Fox News colleague in the sketch was Judge Jeanine Pirro, played by cast member Cecily Strong, who ominously warned that the immigrant caravan was comprised of "everyone you've ever seen in your nightmares..."

Said McKinnon's Ingraham of Trump's plans to defend the US border: "Of course the liberal media's trying to label President Trump a racist". She later presented an audio recording of the incident to the New York City Police Department (NYPD).

Baldwin, 60, was accused of slamming his fist against the jaw of a man who swooped in and took a parking spot in the West Village that was being held for the actor last week. Talk about the Kardashians being petty huh?

"I have never felt more confident", said one mom, as she raised a quivering thumbs up.

Baldwin admitted to making the comments but claimed that they weren't meant to be taken seriously, the Daily Mail reported. Her character mostly focused on channel's coverage of the migrant caravan.

Near the end of the sketch, McKinnon's Ingraham says, "When we come back, an update from disgraced former actor Alec Baldwin - seen here molesting a young Boy Scout".

This week's Saturday Night Live was the rare episode that didn't feature Alec Baldwin as President Trump in its cold open - perhaps because the actor was arrested Friday after he allegedly punched a man on the streets of NY in a dispute over a parking spot.

"Alec Baldwin also told me, "I hope you choke to death" when I was on assignment, staking out his house", Palmeri said. He claims that the assertion that his arrest stemmed from him punching someone in the parking lot is fake.

"I wanted to go on the record stating as much", he wrote, saying the "negative charges" were "clickbait entertainment". "Fortunately, no matter how reverberating the echos, it doesn't make the statements true", he added.

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