Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, WW2 Companion App Now Available

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, WW2 Companion App Now Available

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, WW2 Companion App Now Available

Why bother playing the game when you can just give money to the developer to not play it?

If players wish to move through the Operation: First Strike tiers quickly, they can do so by using CoD Points.

Call of Duty companion app was launched today by Activision and is available in the stores to download for both Android/iOS users.

The in-game currency has been used in each CoD title since 2015, and it returns in Black Ops 4 as a way to purchase items or tiers in the Black Market. In most battle royale games, sound is more important than just about anything else, because hearing other players walking, driving vehicles, or fighting one another is often the only information you can get about where they are and whether you're in danger.Blackout now seems to have two problems with audio.

Fans are upset, but not at all surprised, about a series of microtransactions added to Black Ops 4 following its initial release. Though Special Orders will rotate on a regular basis, they will stay in your inventory once acquired until they're completed, and you can switch between active Special Orders at any time. Players can put their CoD Points toward faster tier progression or Special Orders, which can include tags, outfits, gestures, calling cards, reserves, warpaints, decals, or stickers.

COD Points cost £1.79 for 200, £8.49 for 1,100, £16.79 for 2,400, £34.99, and a staggering £84.99 for 13,000.

The Special Orders system apes Fortnite's Battle Pass structure somewhat, rotating different items in and out, although Black Market Tiers cap out at 200, requiring thousands of COD Points to reach the top tier and acquire the best cosmetic items.

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There are now several ways that players can have CoD Points on their account. Please keep an eye on /u/TreyarchPC for full PC update details.

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