Donald Trump on Dire Government Climate Report: 'I Don't Believe It'

President Donald Trump said Monday (Nov 26) he doesn't believe his own government's report last week warning of massive economic losses if carbon emissions continue to feed climate change unchecked.

"I don't believe it", he told reporters on Monday.

The report supplements a study issued past year that concluded humans were the main driver of global warming and warned of catastrophic effects to the planet.

The report draws stronger conclusions than three earlier National Climate Assessments in 2000, 2009, and 2014, noting that these types of natural disasters have been increasing in the last 15 years, and that the chances of having more such events going forward are increasing. Nonetheless, DeLay accused the government of confirmation bias while arguing that human impact on climate shifts is "not widely accepted" science.

"Even if significant emissions reductions occur, numerous effects from sea level rise over this century - and particularly through mid-century - are already locked in due to historical emissions", the report explains, underscoring the necessity for coastal communities to prepare. "It's flawed, it's ridiculous, and frankly, embarrassing".

However, the White House has countered the report, calling it inaccurate.

Scientists released the fourth National Climate Assessment on Friday-a detailed report that outlines the current state of the planet and what its future looks like.

"Trump is ignoring the alarm bells to protect our country from climate change, yet at the same time he is building sea walls in Scotland to protect his golf course from the rising sea, ' Brune said by email".

The report, which was written before California's recent deadly fires, also says the last few years have smashed records for damaging weather in the US, costing almost $400 billion since 2015.

Critics of acting on climate change often cite the possible economic costs. "We are seeing the things we said would be happening, happen now in real life", said report co-author Katharine Hayhoe of Texas Tech University. By the end of the century, the US will be 3 to 12 degrees (1.6 to 6.6 degrees Celsius) hotter depending on how much greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, the report warns.

The report is mandated by law every few years and is based on hundreds of previously research studies.

Instead, the Trump administration dropped the report on the afternoon of Black Friday, a period when politicians infamously dump news that they don't want to garner attention.

The report's conclusions fly in the face of the Trump administration's efforts to countermand President Obama's policies to reduce global warming, including limiting future increases in fuel economy, scrapping a program to clean up power plants-which would have helped make current and future electric vehicles cleaner-promoting electricity production from coal, and withdrawing the USA from the Paris Climate Accord.

The report puts a dollar figure on the economic damages from unmitigated climate change.

Despite the report, there is no indication that the Trump administration will alter its policies.

"You're going to have to have China and Japan and all of Asia and all these other countries, you know, it [the report] addresses our country", he said, as reported by the BBC.

- Washington Post, with additional reporting from Associated Press writer John Lemire.

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