Drunk Japan Airlines Pilot 'Almost 10 Times Over Limit', Arrested

Drunk Japan Airlines Pilot 'Almost 10 Times Over Limit', Arrested

Drunk Japan Airlines Pilot 'Almost 10 Times Over Limit', Arrested

A Japan Airlines copilot was arrested in London earlier this week after he was found to almost ten times over the legal alcohol limit shortly before takeoff.

The first officer, identified as 42-year-old Katsutoshi Jitsukawa, was arrested after a breath test indicated he was in breach of United Kingdom aviation laws.

LONDON-The crew of a Japan Airlines flight was travelling by bus to Heathrow Airport here when the bus driver had a suspicion that there was something wrong with the co-pilot.

British authorities notified JAL that breath and blood tests on the co-pilot found alcohol levels far exceeding the legal limit, the airline said.

The pilot pleaded guilty to drunk in the municipal court of Uxbridge on Thursday.

The co-pilot, identified as Katsutoshi Jitsukawa, 42, was arrested by British police and required to undergo a blood test that confirmed those results.

The flight was delayed one hour and 9 minutes due to the incident.

For comparison, the legal limit for drivers in England and the U.S.is 80 mg per 100 ml of blood, a BAC of 0.08%. He is now in custody and will be sentenced on November 29 at the Isleworth Crown Court.

Aircraft Boeing 777 took off after the 69-minute delay.

According to reports in Japan, the co-pilot arrested on Sunday had consumed two bottles of wine, three bottles of beer and two cans of beer the night before his flight.

The almost 12-hour flight from London to Tokyo normally has two captains and a co-pilot.

In a statement, Japan Airlines said: "The company does not condone the individual's actions and takes this violation seriously, as safety remains our utmost priority".

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