Fortnite 6.21 Update Brings Balloons, Pro Controller Support, and Lot More

Fortnite’s Zoey Skin disabled due to Bug By Ethan Chrisp

Fortnite’s Zoey Skin disabled due to Bug By Ethan Chrisp

Once you run out of balloons, they're gone - there's no recharging. The more balloons a player deploys at once, the faster and higher they'll float, while holding fewer balloons will let the player float lower.

Balloons can be found as floor loot and inside chests, llamas and vending machines. Of note, balloons will eventually pop at max build height, so you can't just escape up to the top of the map and hide out away from the action indefinitely. Guided missiles, which many felt were overpowered, are gone - as has the semi-auto sniper, and the annoyingly weak dual pistols. These may return in the future, but for the time being, you'll only be able to use them in Playground mode.Regarding the grappler, Epic has tweaked it so that when it's used by the passenger of a vehicle, the vehicle's velocity plays a factor in increasing your grapple force.

- Grappling as a vehicle passenger will now cause the vehicle to travel in a straight line to its destination rather than traveling in an arc.

Epic Games has continued to refine and improve its free-to-play battle royale mode in Fortnite to help give it the edge over any potential competitors.

This update came after the news was confirmed by Epic Games on twitter saying "Downtime for the v6.21 update has started". The only thing we know for sure is that if you're a diehard Fortnite fan, you'll want to be in a match during that time Sunday.

One big change in the game is the "glider re-deploy" feature that has been in use for about a week now, with Epic gathering data and making adjustments. The first will involve boosting glider audio above weapon audio. There are plans to unveil the additional changes from the v6.21 update planned for releases.

A new Fortnite cube event has taken place today, and it has shown the cube beginning to crack and explode while dropping a mysterious item into Leaky Lake.

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