Maneka could’ve made a call to know truth: Minister

Maneka could’ve made a call to know truth: Minister

Maneka could’ve made a call to know truth: Minister

Rangers in India plan to use Calvin Klein Obsession in an attempt to catch an elusive "killer" tigress, who has killed 13 people over the last two years.

The mother of two 10-month-old cubs, who was known as Avni to animal conservationists and T-1 officially, was tracked down by Borati forest officials in Maharashtra state.

The state forest department had hired an expert hunter and sharpshooter, and mounted an extensive operation involving almost 200 personnel, trap cameras, drones, a pack of trained sniffer dogs and a hang-glider to trace her, broadcaster NDTV reported.

The activists later challenged the Bombay High Court order in the Supreme Court of India.

"Avni, who was known in the Pandharkawda forest area, had killed 13 people over the last two years in the region", he said. The court ruled that it would not interfere if forest rangers were forced to shoot the tiger. "Every time he has used Hyderabad-based shooter Shafat Ali Khan, and this time his son has also appeared in the scene illegally to murder the tigress".

The perfume contains a pheromone called civetone that can attract big cats, according to experts.

"Avni's killing must be investigated as there are clear violations of Standard Operating Procedures", Neha Sinha, another wildlife conservationist, told CBS News. "However, due to dense forest and darkness, they were unable to do so and finally a bullet was sacked in which the tigress fell on the spot", he said. Fadnavis said that people were raising doubts whether she had first been hit with a tranquillizer dart.

Sharp-shooter Navab Shafath Ali Khan, who was assigned the job of shooting Avni (T1), a man-eater tigress in Yavatmal, by the Maharashtra government, threatened to sue Union Minister and animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi Tuesday for "utterly defamatory and baseless allegations" by her against him.

The Minister also came down heavily on Mungantiwar for giving order to private marksman Shafat Ali Khan's son to carry out the hunting operation.

She added, "His son was not authorised to kill. Despite the forest officials being committed to tranquilise, capture and qurantine the tigress, the trigger-happy shooter has killed her on his own under orders of Sudhir Mungantiwar".

Meanwhile, had reported that a 96-year-old woman set a record by scoring 98 marks out of 100 in the literacy exam in southern Indian state of Kerala, officials said Thursday.

India is home to the world's largest number of tigers in the wild.

Ashar said, "this matter must be investigated and treated as a wildlife crime".

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