Obama calls troop deployment a 'political stunt' at Florida rally

Obama calls troop deployment a 'political stunt' at Florida rally

Obama calls troop deployment a 'political stunt' at Florida rally

He also said of the Democrat: "Andrew Gillum is not equipped to be your governor".

Obama campaigned in Florida and Georgia for Democratic candidates in two of the key races in Tuesday's midterm elections.

Former President Barack Obama is on the campaign trail, and his way of dealing with hecklers amounts to yet another way he is the polar opposite of his successor.

Obama said voters shouldn't be bamboozled by misinformation while Republicans allow polluters to poison the environment, give tax cuts to billionaires and take health care away from millions. "Don't be here", said Obama, before telling the heckler to not "come hollering here".

Yet it landed at the end of a week in which the president has made immigration and border security the paramount issue for Republicans in the midterms, warning without offering evidence that a caravan of immigrants is preparing an "invasion" of the USA southern border.

Trump, who is repeatedly called out for an unprecedented number of falsehoods and misleading statements, accused Obama of being dishonest.

In Miami, Obama called it "gall" and "chutzpah"; in Atlanta, he labeled it "some kind of gumption" and "some kind of nerve".

- Florida Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott, who now serves as the state's governor, has narrowly pulled ahead of Democratic incumbent Sen.

The former and current presidents are barnstorming the country ahead of the elections, in which Democrats hope to win control of the House of Representatives, gain Senate seats and pick up governor's mansions and state legislatures across the country ahead of the 2020 redistricting process.

If you haven't voted yet, you can still take part in early voting through Sunday, November 4 in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

During his IN rally, Trump said he and Hall of Fame basketball coach Bob Knight had developed a "great romance". And that seemed to be the final straw for Obama, who couldn't help but wonder why the supporters of the party who now control the White House and both houses of Congress are so angry. "I've never forgotten it and it's honestly one of the reasons I'm here so much", said Trump, who last campaigned in Montana in mid-October. The election of Abrams, a former Georgia House minority leader, would make her the first female African-American governor in the country.

"Who voted?" Trump asked the packed arena.

"You know what, it's an old playbook", Obama said after another protester interrupted him.

Like he has during the closing weeks of the campaign, Trump also sought to use the divisions exposed and escalated by the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to motivate Republican rallygoers in Belgrade, baselessly suggesting all of Kavanaugh's accusers were changing their stories.

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