Samsung officially teases folding smartphone on Facebook

Samsung officially teases folding smartphone on Facebook

Samsung officially teases folding smartphone on Facebook

Now the company has several phones up its sleeves like the Galaxy S10 or the flip phone which is to debut in China but the foldable phone is said to be the most awaited-one out of all.

Samsung Developer Conference (SDC), which is scheduled at Moscone West Convention Center, San Francisco on November 7-8.

Something that might offer a little comfort is that Samsung's top mobile guy, DJ Koh, has previously stated that the folding phone would be a high-end device and that it would be released globally.

The last rumor from the Wall Street Journal claimed Samsung's foldable display phone would be out early next year, but remember the rumor mill has been saying that for years. The phone has been codenamed as Valley and victor also. Unlike Samsung and other global companies now on the foldable screen hype, Royole's "FlexPai" model claims to be both a smartphone and tablet in one.

The company says the device is meant to combine both a smartphone and tablet, and will be available to purchase from next month.

The FlexPai boasts 7.8 inch full color display screen, 4:3 aspect ratio, 1920 x 1440 resolution, edge screen notifications, and two cameras.

The device comes in three different configurations 6GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB, and 8GB+512GB RAM/ROM with internal storage expandable up to 256GB with a MicroSD card. The company could first unveil the phone in its homeland followed by other countries.

After what seems the better part of a half-a-decade of unofficial rumours, Samsung has started to tease its long in development foldable display smartphone. Naturally, there has been no hint of a price tag, but you can guarantee that buying the foldable phone will not be something that your wallet will thank you for.

"Manufacturers who produce them now are demonstrating technology leadership, and will also be the first with serious applications for foldable screens".

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