Sixers Believe Markelle Fultz Has the Yips Rather Than So-Called Shoulder Injury


Sixers Believe Markelle Fultz Has the Yips Rather Than So-Called Shoulder Injury

The piece also stated that "sources with knowledge of Fultz's thinking have also told The Athletic that the player would prefer a fresh start with a new team".

The Markelle Fultz shoulder saga, now careening into its 13th month, is sad and could end the second-year guard's career with the 76ers.

It is believed that he is dealing with a wrist and shoulder injury, at least according to media reports.

Philadelphia Inquirer beat writer Keith Pompey on Sunday cited multiple sources indicating that the Sixers are contemplating trading Fultz.

The Sixers' front office has been in talks with Brothers about potential next steps, according to ESPN.

" ... If the 76ers have exhausted of this saga and are considering trading Fultz, and multiple sources said they are, his trade value must have declined a great deal since the start of the season". The Sixers may be willing to move him for a late first-round pick or an expiring contract, Pompey reported. Fultz, who was the No. 1 overall pick in 2017, is earning $8.34 million this season and will receive $9.75 million in 2019-2020. Head coach Brett Brown said he would not comment on Fultz's status.

After a somewhat solid start to the season, Fultz has seemingly regressed recently, and his form hit an all-time low last Monday night, as he pump-faked a free throw against the Miami Heat.

The Sixers are reportedly "considering trading Fultz", though his agent denied the rumors last week.

Fultz' shooting woes this season have undoubtedly lowered his value, to what extent, it's hard to say?

Fultz has posted respectable numbers this season, with averages of 8.2 points, 3.7 rebounds and 3.1 assists.

In training camp, Fultz expressed confidence about his role in the 2018-19 season despite reports that he suffered from "yips" in his shooting.

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