Syracuse moves up a spot in the latest College Football Playoff rankings

Syracuse moves up a spot in the latest College Football Playoff rankings

Syracuse moves up a spot in the latest College Football Playoff rankings

Penn State football checked in at No. 14 in this week's College Football Playoff rankings. The Crimson Tide is the defending national champion and Tua Tagovailoa and Co. have been stomping everyone in their path.

But 12-1 without an SEC championship? Last year it was Alabama and the year before, Ohio State got there.

No. 4 MI and No. 10 Ohio State are the only Big Ten teams ranked ahead of Penn State and the only Nittany Lion opponents this season to appear in the poll. Both were 11-2 with conference titles, but ugly losses on their ledgers.

Notre Dame remained No. 3, with MI and Georgia rounding out the top five. It's not as if Alabama would have a loaded resume, with victories against LSU, Mississippi State and Auburn at the top.

Alabama is No. 1 in ESPN's Football Power Index and No. 1 in strength of record, while Clemson is No. 2 in both categories, but not by much.

The committee has to be rooting for the Tide to keep it out of this mess. Nope. Mullens said on the call basically exactly what he said last week after the Nebraska win, which isn't a really flattering thing to hear if you're Ohio State. The Knights and Bearcats (9-1) will face off at 8 Spectrum Stadium during a contest that will air nationally on ABC. Mississippi State 22. Northwestern 23.

Any loss for the Irish looks problematic if the rest of the contenders win out. Notre Dame - 10-0 4. "Going on the road and beating Colorado the way they did is very impressive". You can high praise a coach and believe he is great, but to preach and say you were one of the only people to believe in him that he can turn a program around etc. then just throw them off the bus when Alabama is in front of them is ludicrous. MI - 9-1 5.

Will Oklahoma's defensive struggles open the door for West Virginia to leapfrog the Sooners?

As we inch closer to the Apple Cup, where the Pac-12's playoff hopes will either end entirely or still hinge on one-loss Washington State, how do the league's only two ranked teams stack up in the eyes of the committee?

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