The FlexPai is the first foldable smartphone in the world

The FlexPai is the first foldable smartphone in the world

The FlexPai is the first foldable smartphone in the world

Preorders should start shipping in December.

It can be folded up like a wallet, at which point the device displays three separate smaller screens on the front, the back and along the spine - the latter of which will show notifications.

The Shenzhen company claims that its flexible screens integrate more than 20 million flexible ultra-precision devices, 6 million flexible integrated circuits, and almost 100 kinds of micro-nano film materials to support the usage as a smartphone display.

As for price, there are two Developer versions now available: 128GB and 256GB which are listed at $1,318 and $1,469, respectively.

However, only the developer model has been released outside of China at £1,209 for a 128G edition and £1,349 for a 256G edition. It weighs 320g, over 50 per cent more than the iPhone XS Max or Galaxy Note 9, both weighing slightly over 200g.

Liu is a Chinese entrepreneur with a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. This is in addition to simply having more screen space when unfolding the device.

The foldable smartphone that has always been anticipated was finally released but with some bit of surprise. The hinge also doubles up as a screen. My advice? Hold off on it till the flexible display market becomes a little larger and more democratized. While the current trend is all about bezel-less screens, the FlexPai has thick bezels all around, which are easily overlooked by its foldable form factor.

This is the "world's first foldable screen phone" released by Rouyu Technology, which will use the Snapdragon 8150 processor, but its design is very rough, just to seize the "first", this is a futures product. The new phone would also support super-fast 5G network speeds. Notorious smartphone leaker, Evan Blass, has also tweeted recently that LG is set to make its foldable phone debut at CES in 2019. "Say goodbye to rigid surfaces; FlexPai will completely change your perception of a traditional mobile phone and the need to own multiple mobile devices", Royole says about its technical marvel. As displays have got bigger in recent years, consumers have had to sacrifice portability, and bendy screens are seen as a possible solution.

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