This is why a group of doctors made a decision to swallow Lego heads

This is why a group of doctors made a decision to swallow Lego heads

This is why a group of doctors made a decision to swallow Lego heads

The fearless doctors also said they do not recommend anyone, parents or children, swallow a Lego piece.

There's a lot of Very Important Science being done at the moment, and a new study from the Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health is no exception.

While the SHAT score revealed the Lego had no effect on the consistency of stools and there was no pain experienced.

Six reserchers from Australia and the United Kingdom have revealed that they all swallowed the head of a Lego figure to show that they can pass through the human body without ill effect.

Researcher Grace Leo told The Guardian: "We all ingested our Lego between 7am and 9am in our own time zone, with a glass of water". The amount of time it took to travel from mouth to toilet was also aptly titled - the Found and Retrieved Time (aka the FART) score.

One unlucky researcher never found the Lego in his poop, "meaning they either just missed it or that the head might have gotten stuck somewhere along the gut, destined to come out at some other inopportune time or just languish in the body for years to come", wrote Gizmodo.

While the research proves that it seems to be mostly OK if you end up swallowing a Lego head, the speed in which it exits the body would possibly differ for children, who are most prone to swallowing foreign objects.

Based on their Stool Hardness and Transit scores and their Found and Retrieved Time scores, the average journey in this small sample group was 1.7 days.

"A toy object quickly passes through adult subjects with no complications", the researchers concluded.

In one interesting bowel moment, the study found "some evidence that females may be more accomplished at searching through their stools than males, but this could not be statistically validated".

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