This news anchor is actually an AI-powered robot

This news anchor is actually an AI-powered robot

This news anchor is actually an AI-powered robot

The digital anchors can be programmed to read news faster than the traditional CGI techniques that are used.

China's state-run press agency has welcomed two additions to its team of journalists - two news presenters powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

According to the, an English-language anchor and a Chinese-language anchor were created by Xinhua in partnership with local Beijing search engine company Sogou.

The machine learning (ML) programme can generate lip movements, facial expressions etc similar to that of human news anchor.

China has got its first Artificial Intelligence (AI) news anchor.

The virtual anchor's features are based on those of a real-life Xinhua host named Zhang Zhao.

Creation of fake news readers to suppress news and take control over media sounds chilling.

The AI news anchor also collects data and learns to develop itself. Since the AI anchor can work 24 hours a day, Xinhua says that means production costs associated with human anchors can be reduced and efficiency improved.

But Xinhua appears to know that the anchor is a work in progress, as the AI's sign-off message on its first report emphasized. Since it's an AI anchor, news is read out in a very monotonous manner with no expressions in between.

Newsrooms have increasingly implemented AI technology in recent years, with outlets including The Washington Post using AI to write short reports on such topics as the outcome of sporting events or to send news alerts. Both the English and Mandarin news reading AI anchors are available across Xinhua's internet and mobile platforms, which includes its Mandarin and English apps as well as online TV webpage. The AI anchor himself acknowledges that the technology is still in development and that many improvements are required.

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