Twitter Deletes 10K Accounts That Sought to Discourage US Voting

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Image Twitter has deleted thousands of accounts in recent weeks

The accounts were reportedly made to look like they were from Democrats, but the party reported the tweets to Twitter.

"We took action on relevant accounts and activity on Twitter", a Twitter spokesman said in an email to Reuters.

Twitter has deleted more than 10,000 bot accounts which it says were trying to persuade people not to vote in the upcoming USA midterm elections.

It was built in part from publicly available tools known as "Hoaxley" and "Botometer" developed by computer researchers at the University of Indiana.

But the way they chose these accounts was by referral from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, a group supporting campaigns of Democrats to the U.S. House of Representatives.

It appears that the removals had taken place near the end of September and the beginning of October.

Twitter has its own method of tracking spam and bot accounts which it suspects of manipulating public discussion on its platform.

The DCCC's flagging ultimately resulted in Twitter purging more than 10,000 accounts from the social networking service, Reuters reported, citing three unnamed sources familiar with the matter.

Twitter believes that the network of now-deleted accounts was run from the US, CNN reported.

Ahead of midterms, Twitter established communication channels for both major USA parties to report any suspicious activities but did not mention any complaints from Republicans.

The bill would make it illegal to use the bots to influence voting.

It came after the party flagged the misleading tweets to the social media company.

Co-founder of RoBhat Labs Ash Bhat said: "We provide the DNC with reports about what we're seeing in terms of bot activity and where it's being amplified".

"We can't tell you who's behind these different operations - Twitter hides that from us - but with the technology you know when and how it's happening", Bhat said.

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