WhatsApp ‘Status’ feature will soon include ads


WhatsApp ‘Status’ feature will soon include ads

"We are going to be putting ads in Status", Daniels told in a media briefing in New Delhi. WhatsApp will bring promotions under the Status segment of the app.

The feature will, however, start getting even more intrusive, as Facebook plans on shoving ads into WhatsApp statuses. WhatsApp users in India will start seeing ads in Status.

As of now, though, this change has not been implemented, and we're not sure when will it be implemented, as Mr. Daniels did not give an estimated date.

If the earlier reports remain accurate, businesses will be charged between half a cent and nine cents for each text they send to a customer, depending on which country they're operating in (separately from display ad fees). This was not the first attempt to monetise the app though, as there was a $1 per year charge long before Facebook acquired WhatsApp that was inconsistent and removed after proving inefficient.

This is also a chance for businesses to create ads to target that crucial WhatsApp demographic, which is quite popular in some markets, especially in developing nations. In Facebook discussed different approaches to monetizing apps. According to previous reports, the arrival of ads in WhatsApp should not compromise the chat's service end-to-end encryption. The feature could be seen as a great opportunity for Facebook to monetize WhatsApp and could be a repetition of how Instagram shows ads in its Status to users.

We would like to remind you that, WhatsApp has never used advertisements on its app. "With our full set of features in place for both people and businesses, we believe WhatsApp will continue to contribute to economic growth here in India". It added a "status feature" some time back, which allowed users to upload stories as they would on Instagram or Snapchat, and share them with their WhatsApp contacts. At that time company said, "You can still count on absolutely no ads interrupting your communication".

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