Almost two dozen tornadoes hit Illinois Saturday

Almost two dozen tornadoes hit Illinois Saturday

Almost two dozen tornadoes hit Illinois Saturday

While there are reports of injuries, it's not yet clear how many people are hurt, or the severity of those injuries.

The National Weather Service says a rare wintertime tornado that struck Taylorville in central IL was half-a-mile-wide and stayed on the ground for at least 10 miles (16 kilometers).

The twisters occurred Saturday evening along the Illinois River and near Springfield, Meteorologist Chris Geelhart said. If the majority are confirmed, that would be the most tornadoes in IL in a December storm since Dec. 18-19, 1957, when there were 21.

IL residents are still recovering Saturday morning after multiple tornadoes touched down in the central part of the state.

"Power lines are down", Rauner said. The tornado traveled at least 25 miles (40 kilometers) northeast, though investigators are still determining its end location.

At least three tornadoes were confirmed in northwest and southwest Arkansas, which largely caused property and structural damage.

Severe thunderstorms also raked IL and Missouri on Saturday.

Authorities say at least 20 people were injured and dozens of homes were damaged. The owner says that about 200 cars were damaged in both of the garages and shed.

At least 30 people sustained injuries in Christian County, Ill., and officials said 21 people were taken to Taylorville Memorial Hospital, including one who was considered in critical condition. Most were released within hours. But at least 12 tornadoes were reported in IL on Saturday, including one in Taylorville which has been confirmed. One death was reported in southwest Missouri early Saturday after thunderstorms there.

The National Weather Service sent out survey teams Sunday to analyze the damage, and said the exact number of tornadoes and the amount of damage wouldn't be determined until these are completed.

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