Amazon 'testing cashierless technology for bigger stores'

Amazon's cashierless technology has so far been limited to 'Go' stores with small footprints

Amazon's cashierless technology has so far been limited to'Go stores with small footprints. Stephen Brashear Getty Images

It is not known where or when it will be opening its first United Kingdom cashierless store.

Amazon is reportedly looking at bringing its cashierless Go shopping experience to larger stores.

Wall Street Journal sources indicate that Amazon is now operating its vision system in a space setup "like a big store" in the Seattle area.

Amazon is testing out its cashierless checkout technology in bigger stores - with one eye on Whole Foods, according to The Wall Street Journal.

While Amazon Go is more of a convenience store, with limited groceries and prepared foods, the intention is to apply the technology to Whole Foods, according to WSJ's sources.

Cashierless technology uses cameras and machine learning to automatically track customers as they remove items from shelves. Amazon has previously said it has no plans to add the technology to Whole Foods. That could carry implications for Whole Foods workers, who have already complained that after Amazon's acquisition of the grocery store they were expected to act like "robots". Customers scan their phones when they enter an Amazon Go store and are charged as they leave.

Scott Cederberg, a 38-year-old software engineer who bought a yogurt at the Amazon Go store in San Francisco recently, said he would be willing to try a bigger grocery store using the cashierless format.

The sources claim that Amazon is planning to open as many as 3,000 physical stores by 2021, enabling it to better compete with big supermarket chains like Walmart (though Amazon has declined to comment so far).

Fresh produce, fruits, and vegetables that are often sold be weight are just some of the items that could be hard to accurately track.

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