AWS piles on the machine learning services

AWS piles on the machine learning services

AWS piles on the machine learning services

Now, Amazon wants to give organizations the best of the two worlds.

Quantum Ledger Database and Amazon Managed Blockchain are the two services concerned, and they've been revealed by CEO Andy Jassy (who at one stage in the past appeared to be distancing Amazon from blockchain).

It's also unkind to hyperconverged offerings like Nutanix and HPE's SimpliVity, which can stretch to the cloud but don't tap into cloud services as comprehensively as AWS promises.

"Once you find the container products you need, you can quickly deploy them on services such as Amazon ECS, Amazon Elastic Container Services for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS), and AWS Fargate by using deployment templates such as task definitions, Helm charts, and AWS CloudFormation templates provided by the software seller", says AWS. In 2017, AWS collaborated with VMware to introduce VMware Cloud on AWS, giving the vast majority of companies who are virtualized on VMware the ability to use the same on-premises VMware tools that they had been using for years to manage their infrastructure on AWS. Others may have certain workloads that need to be on-premises, especially latency sensitive workloads. Together these offerings will enable customers with a consistent infrastructure and operational experience across all VMware and AWS cloud environments.

Customers can use AWS Lake Formation to centrally define and manage security, governance, and auditing policies for their data lake.

"The VMware variant allows you to run VMware Cloud on AWS locally on Outposts to use the same VMware control plane and APIs you use to run your on-premises infrastructure". It takes inputs such as customers' or users' activity streams, inventory (there's little point recommending a product you can't supply) and demographics; builds a recommendation model that's private to the AWS customer; and provides an API for recommendation and personalisation.

Announced at AWS re:Invent 2018, AWS Outposts is created to bring AWS cloud hardware on-premises customer's own data centers.

"AWS is created to allow customers to scale and innovate", said Dan Plastina, Vice President, Security Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Drawing on its chip-development group, AWS also said that it has built custom chips for artificial intelligence that will be available from its cloud, following the lead of other internet companies like Google and Alibaba. They told us they want an extension of their AWS or VMware Cloud on AWS environment on-premises, using the same hardware we're using, the same interfaces, the same APIs, the same instant access to the latest AWS capabilities the minute they become available, and they don't want to manage hardware or software.

Analysts said the AWS/VMware services are a step in the right direction for customers blending public and private-cloud entities. In case of a permissioned network, it secures and manages blockchain network certificates with AWS Key Management Service, eliminating the need for customers to set up their own secure key storage.

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