Bethesda compensates players over Fallout 76 bag snafu

Chris livin

Bethesda compensates players over Fallout 76 bag snafu

Atoms are the in-game currency for Fallout 76, offering in-game items.

The launch of Fallout 76 has been fraught with issues and complaints from the community.

Advertised as a "Canvas West Tek Duffel Bag", the one that was actually given out as part of the package was uh... nylon. Third-party listings like these still say it is clearly a canvas bag, but consumers were instead given a cheaply made nylon bag instead. But that's not the case. This time, it has to do with users who pre-ordered the $200 USD Power Armor edition. The centerpiece was a wearable T-51b Power Armor helmet, but it had some other goodies. "What are you planning to do about this?"

Most of the responses on Reddit to the apology indicate that folk are now even more annoyed, as much for the fact of Bethesda not informing them of the change as the miserly in-game compensation now offered. Just like you can't own a canvas bag in reality, you can't own it in a fictional wasteland. The bag shown in the media was a prototype and was too expensive to make. Replies range from memes to players accusing Bethesda of going "full Electronic Arts", which is arguably the worst possible insult a gamer can hurl at a game studio.

Initially, Bethesda fessed up immediately and apologized for the mistake without offering any alternative options.

In case you didn't know, Bethesda is under fire right now not only for Fallout 76's shortcomings, but it seems due to false advertising as well.

'We hope this doesn't prevent anyone from enjoying what we feel is one of our best collector's editions'. Image courtesy of MittenSquad.

"We understand and respect that there is disappointment with the bag in the Power Armor Edition,"reads a tweet from the official Fallout twitter account". The game's early reception was warm at best, competing against major releases like "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" and "Red Dead Redemption 2". It goes without saying that it's not very much at all. That's a generous five dollars' worth, which, as noted by PC Gamer's Chris Livingston, won't even buy you the game's postman skin that, ironically, comes with a canvas bag.

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