Chief financial officer of China's Huawei arrested in Canada

Chief financial officer of China's Huawei arrested in Canada

Chief financial officer of China's Huawei arrested in Canada

The News understands that an arrest was made at or near Vancouver Airport on Saturday.

He refused to provide any details on the circumstances of the Chinese executive's arrest, saying that she was "sought for extradition by the United States".

The Globe and Mail reported earlier Wednesday that she was arrested on suspicion of violating USA trade sanctions on Iran.

Meng, daughter of the founder of the massive company, is being held under a provisional arrest warrant issued under the Extradition Act.

Meng, 46, has been the CFO of Huawei Technologies since 2011 and vice chair of the company since March 2018.

The seeking Ms. Meng's extradition so as to have her appear in federal court in the Eastern District of NY, according to people familiar with the matter. face unspecified charges in the Eastern District of NY, when she was transferring flights in Canada. "The ban was sought by Ms. Meng", continued the statement.

"The company believes the Canadian and United States legal systems will ultimately reach a just conclusion".

The report adds, via an unnamed source, that the US believes Meng was trying to circumvent the current USA trade embargo with Iran, although details about this alleged violation were not revealed.

Huawei is one of China's most prominent technology companies - a huge telecommunications firm, and the world's second-biggest smartphone manufacturer.

US authorities are investigating whether Chinese tech giant Huawei violated sanctions on Iran. Huawei has denied the links. In the past year, Washington has taken a series of steps to restrict Huawei's business on American soil and, more recently, launched an extraordinary global outreach campaign to persuade allied countries to enact similar curbs.

In June, Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper reported that USA lawmakers warned the Canadian government that Huawei posed a major cybersecurity risk.

In August, U.S. president Donald Trump signed an act to ban the use of Huawei components or services that are "essential" or "critical" to the systems they are used.

In 2012, the Australian government banned Huawei from bidding for NBN, Australia's broadband access network, for national security reasons.

Over the summer, Australia also barred Huawei from providing 5G technology for wireless networks in the country over espionage fears.

Huawei CFO arrested in Canada for reportedly violating US sanctions against Iran
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