Donald Trump Rages On Twitter Ahead Of Developments In Mueller Probe

Seventy-five percent would make Trump easily one of the most popular leaders on the planet

Seventy-five percent would make Trump easily one of the most popular leaders on the planet

Mueller will provide new details on Friday on how two of Trump's closest former aides have helped or hindered his investigation into possible collusion between Russian Federation and Trump's 2016 election campaign.

It a series of tweets early Friday, the president blasted Comey and the Mueller probe into Russia's hacking of the 2016 USA national election.

President Trump blamed the special counsel investigation and "Presidential Harassment" for dragging down his approval rating on Thursday.

In a final tweet, Trump said former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is compiling a report to counter Mueller's report.

Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor, said he was eager to see if Mueller's prosecutors directly or tacitly support Cohen's assertions that Trump directed him to make hush payments to women in violation of campaign finance law and that he let the White House know what he planned to tell Congress about the Moscow skyscraper project. They said his financial crimes were unsophisticated, noting no overseas accounts were used.

Robert Mueller's big time conflicts of interest be listed at the top of his Republicans only Report.

The special counsel and federal prosecutors in NY will have to file memos in court on Friday detailing the cooperation of longtime Trump legal fixer Michael Cohen. So far, more than 30 people have been charged or pleaded guilty in Mueller's investigation.

Trump's comments come as Mueller is facing court deadlines to detail the cooperation of Trump's longtime legal fixer Michael Cohen.

Democrats complain Republicans are simply trying to fuel a conspiracy theory to protect Trump from the ongoing Russian Federation probe led by special counsel Robert Mueller. And Mueller's team will also be disclosing what they say former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort lied about when his plea deal fell apart last month.

The court filings will close out a busy week for Mueller as the president has heightened his attacks on the investigation.

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