Epic Games' Steam-Rival Store for PC Games Now Live

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Gaming The Epic Games store will give away a free game every two weeks in 2019 Jacob Siegal

Epic said it aimed to differentiate itself from Steam by only taking a 12% commission on sales. CEO Tim Sweeney's tirade against Microsoft's UWP platform and the more recent Fortnite on Android drama has given the game developer and publisher a more "pro-developer" image.

Coming off its reveal earlier this week, Epic Games proved that it had more tricks up its sleeve tonight as the company officially launched the Epic Games Store, and the first details for the store were revealed in the midst of The Game Awards.

It seems that the gaming and mobile industry has adopted a 70/30 convention nearly arbitrarily.

The new store is just that: new.

It was only unveiled a few days ago, but the Epic Games Store is officially open for business. That was too high a price to pay. Its raison d'être is to become not just a place to buy great games but a place for great developers to really make a living.

The other notable thing about the Epic Games store is its revenue split with game developers, which is closer to the generous terms of an itch.io than it is with Steam.

Now You: Will you install the Epic Games Store on your devices? At the moment the offerings are sparse, ranging from indie fare like Supergiant Games' Hades to Epic Games' own titles like Unreal Tournament (for which its halted development in favour of focusing on Fortnite) and Shadow Complex. First of all, Epic revealed that they're going to give away one free game every two weeks throughout 2019, starting with the excellent Subnautica (available from December 14th to December 27th), which will be followed by Super Meat Boy (from December 28th to January 10th, 2019). There will no doubt be many more after that, as Epic have stated they will be opening the store up to other developers more through 2019.

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