Google is shutting down Allo, to no one’s surprise

It'll someday bring powerful RCS messaging services to most of us. But so far it seems the company hasn't figured out what exactly it wants to do with its messaging app strategy. the replacement for the GTalk was Hangouts, which it seems is also going away now by the end of 2019. In fact, 9to5Google claims that Google may have meant to announce the end of Allo sooner, but pushed it back when news leaked about its plans for Hangouts. "Given Messages' continued momentum, we've chose to stop supporting Allo to focus on Messages", Klainer wrote on Thursday.

Back in April, Google paused investment in Allo, and transferred its entire workforce to other projects and shifted all resources to the Android Messages team.

After a couple of new reports attempted to share Google's timeline for shuffling around its messaging apps, possibly killing a couple of them, the company chose to explain their plans in their own words.

As Google has done with previous platforms and services, it starts them up to learn the ins and outs until eventually Google applies what it learned from the failed product into a new one. It hasn't received a major update in nearly one year and most of the Allo team has been moved to Android Messages.

If you are using Allo, you need to find something new pretty quickly.

Google Duo, the video calling counterpart to Allo, is sticking around. After the update, Verizon Pixel 3/XL users will be able to send larger text messages (up to 8,000 characters long), as well as see when their contacts are typing a conversation.

Hangouts Chat and Meet will continue to be supported for enterprise users, but Google states that these apps will "be made available for existing Hangouts [Classic] users, too".

Google has also said that it will be changing the classic hangout to hangout chats and hangout meets on both mobile and desktop.

Following the footsteps of a certain fruit-based competitor, Google is putting all their eggs in the Android Messages basket. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.

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