GOP Candidate's Consultant Linked To 2nd County In North Carolina Election Probe

Mark Harris North Caorlina voter fraud

GOP Candidate's Consultant Linked To 2nd County In North Carolina Election Probe

He added that the State Board of Elections should "act immediately" and certify the results because "anything else is a disservice to the people of the Ninth District". In other words, McCrory attributed fraud to the Democratic Party.

Boyd also listed Dowless' office address when she dropped off over 230 voter registration forms at the Robeson County Board of Elections in September, according to board records reviewed by HuffPost.

The pattern was first identified by Michael Bitzer, a political scientist at Catawba College in Salisbury, NC.

Dallas Woodhouse, the state party's executive director, initially said he hadn't been alerted to the potential of absentee fraud by a Harris-hired consultant, Leslie McCrae Dowless, before admitting that he may have just shrugged them off in the heat of the campaign fight.

"There is reason to doubt the capacity of the state board of elections", Bishop said. If accurate, those results would mean every unaffiliated absentee voter, as well as some Democrats, went for the Republican. Why, for instance, did a lopsided share of absentee ballots that were counted favor Mr. Harris, while an overwhelming amount of ballots requested but never returned or counted came from areas likely to favor McCready?

Harris, the Republican candidate, won 61 percent of the mail-in ballots that were turned in. He has denied any wrongdoing to The Charlotte Observer. The Harris campaign and Red Dome founder Andy Yates didn't respond to an email seeking comment.

The elections board is investigating, said spokesman Patrick Gannon.

There are also claims that incomplete ballots were collected and then filled out later, Cohen said.

However, he said that if the investigation shows that the outcome would not have been changed, Republican candidate Harris should be certified the victor.

If the results are certified when the board meets December 21, the loser can contest the result within 30 days.

Republicans said one of the things that made them concerned about the board's ability to handle the investigation is that the board hadn't taken action even though Joshua Malcolm, who is now the board's chairman, said he had been aware of similar allegations "for years." A North Carolina woman on Tuesday admitted to illegally "harvesting" ballots for a contractor working for Harris' campaign.

Pelosi, who's nominated to become House speaker when Democrats take control in January, said Thursday that 'any member-elect can object to the seating and the swearing-in of another member elect.' She also noted the investigative power of the House to determine race winners.

In North Carolina, several state Senate Republicans whose districts overlap the 9th called for further scrutiny of voting irregularities going back to 2010 and urged Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper to create a bipartisan task force - separate from the state elections board - to investigate irregularities beyond this year's election.

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