Group Charged with Selling Samsung IP

Group Charged with Selling Samsung IP

Group Charged with Selling Samsung IP

Samsung is the market leader for smartphone- and tablet-sized OLED displays.

Samsung has charged 11 of its employees with breaking the Non-Disclosure and sharing proprietary technology with a Chinese company. Samsung was reported to have invested up to 150 billion won to develop the displays.

Nine South Korean residents and two companies are facing legal action in the country on charges of passing sensitive Samsung technology to Chinese companies for a profit. Some of the leaked data was then allegedly sold to the Chinese companies for 15.5 billion won, which works out to about $13.8 million. Of the 11 people indicted, three have been detained. That apart, the accused are known to have been using separate phones as well their own personal email addresses to keep their activities under cover.

The curved-edge display technology is used in its much-lauded Galaxy phones, which continue to be well received. Compared to the latter, OLED displays provide better energy efficiency and are able to deliver an infinite-contrast image due to the manner in which they generate true blacks - as every pixel on an OLED panel is lit individually, such solutions deliver black image sections by simply not lighting up certain viewing areas.

Theydid not name the people or companies involved in the theft. The firm's pioneering technologies that allowed it to deliver curved-edge mobile displays have evolved to the point that it's now nearly ready to commercialize the first mainstream foldable smartphone. The technology business is prone to acts of industrial espionage and this is not the first time Samsung has had to deal with having its secrets illegally shared with competitors.

These days, Chinese companies are trying to steal South Korea's technology in various ways.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones with a curved edge screen.

The company denied the allegations in an official statement.

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