Hezbollah Operative Caught on Camera in 'Attack Tunnel' to Israel, Claims IDF


Hezbollah Operative Caught on Camera in 'Attack Tunnel' to Israel, Claims IDF

The IDF announced on 4 December the launch of Operation Northern Shield to destroy the Hezbollah transboundary tunnels to secretly transfer its militants to Israel in any potential future conflict.

Netanyahu addressed the work of UNIFIL to the ambassador's on Thursday, calling on the force to expand its role on the Israeli-Lebanese border. He explained that after tunnels dug by Hamas were discovered in southern Israel, the country's northern residents realized that it was possible that they would face the same threat one day.

Underlining the fact the Lebanese army had the authority and responsibility to protect its borders, he blasted Israel for its "continued violation of Lebanese airspace and territorial waters".

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri said on Wednesday that the Israeli regime had failed to provide any evidence for alleged tunnels dug from Lebanon into the occupied territories by Hezbollah fighters.

Israel also showed its humanitarian side; a message ostensibly from Israel in Arabic on Lebanon's LBC TV posted an audio message to the cellphones of residents of a village in the area to steer clear of tunnels, stating, "Hezbollah is putting your lives in danger because of digging tunnels". The army urged Israel not to carry out any work inside Lebanese territory. We encountered such tunnels in the Second Lebanon War.

Netanyahu also said he will demand the U.N. Security Council discuss the matter.

The UNIFIL force commander, Maj.

In New York, U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Del Col confirmed the existence of the tunnel during the inspection and promised to pursue "urgent follow-up action".

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this week that Hezbollah was planning to send attckers through the tunnels, which he claimed were big enough to be used by motorcycles, small vehicles and groups of people. He said Israel demanded that UNIFIL investigate and "neutralize" the shaft of the tunnel.

Hezbollah has not directly responded to the Israeli allegations or its military operation.

Under the United Nations resolution that ended the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah, Hezbollah is barred from operating in southern Lebanon.

"This constitutes a new and extremely serious attack on the security and safety of the citizens of Lebanon, whereby Israel is violating the dignity and privacy of individuals and making a direct threat against their lives", Mudallali wrote.

"I emphasize the critical role of our liaison and coordination mechanisms in mitigating tensions through continuous communication, at the heart of which is the Tripartite forum", said head of UNIFIL mission Maj.

All parties say the situation has remained calm on both sides of the border.

Iran envoy Hook told the Free Beacon that despite protestations from some European governments about the implementation of harsh new US sanctions on Iran last month, European companies have been more than willing to go along with the Trump administration in order to avoid penalties.

In a statement on Thursday, the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) said it "visited a location near Metula in northern Israel" and "can confirm the existence of a tunnel at the location".

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