India’s Do Not Disturb App is finally approved for iOS’ App Store

India’s Do Not Disturb App is finally approved for iOS’ App Store

India’s Do Not Disturb App is finally approved for iOS’ App Store

Like its Android counterpart, the TRAI DND app for iPhone lets users register for DND (Do Not Disturb) to stop pesky calls and text messages (at least on paper), modify their DND preferences, and even report offending calls or text messages.

AdvertisementThe version of TRAI DND - Do Not Disturb just approved appears to deal with Apple's concerns. So back in July, the agency told the wireless operators in India that if Apple didn't allow the DND app to be listed in the country's App Store within six months, it would ban the iPhone from the networks belonging to all Indian carriers.

In July this year, TRAI released regulations that would've required telcos to "derecognise" devices that didn't permit functioning of a mobile app developed by the regulator (or an entity approved by the regulator) created to let consumers change their communication settings and also report entities that violate them.

TRAI had threatened to ban iPhones if Apple didn't accept the app before January. TRAI DND will help Indian users to curb unwanted spam calls and messages by reporting them to their respective telecom service provider (TSP). In order to install the app, you must have the latest version of iOS 12.1 installed.

Now, Apple has approved TRAI's DND app, which is available for download on the App Store as "TRAI DND - Do Not Disturb". The Indian telecom regulator and the iPhone maker were stuck in a disagreement for over two years for the DND app. A report from local sources in China states that Apple earned more than $2 billion Dollars in the last quarter of 2017 through the App Store in the country.

The new DND feature on iOS is not limited to India and is available for users across the globe.

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