Kevin Durant Says LeBron James-Led Teams Are ‘Toxic’

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Kevin Durant Says LeBron James-Led Teams Are ‘Toxic’

"It's just the fact that I played there and I get so much love there", Durant said.

The reality is they will only get one of those players via a trade and even if it were Wall, who is earning $19.1 million this season but will have a four-year supermax contract extension from next season earning him an average of $42 million annually, the Lakers could still potentially have the cap space to sign Durant.

Per Nick Friedell of ESPN, Durant admitted that he's interested in owning a team someday, noting he would be especially intrigued if it was in Seattle - the city he first played in when he entered the National Basketball Association.

Star players such as Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler could be on the market this summer but the Lakers aren't believed to be at the top of either player's radar. Bosh, same way. LeBron is a player that needs to play with guys that already know how they play the game - and shooters. The Athletic's Joe Vardon initially broke the story who said that LeBron thinks Melo could be an asset in the younger players' development. "It's a level of jealousy, it's a level of hating, I'm really surprised he went there because they seem to have a really good relationship". "He has so many fanboys in the media". This source said Ball and Caldwell-Pope were definitely in the deal, but that there was still discussion whether the third player would be Ingram, Josh Hart, or Kyle Kuzma. I'm like, we're playing basketball here, and it's not even about basketball at certain points. "... I know people want to tie me into Seattle a lot, and I love being part of that, but I'm not just waiting for that opportunity". Especially when the attention is bulls-t attention, fluff.

"There's decisions to be made, there's still so much more basketball to be played, KD, Kawhi, all these guys who are going to be free agents, their mindsets are going to be totally different six months from now".

"He's very unselfish. He's won multiple championships with other superstars". Again, I haven't read the article so I can't comment on that, but what you're asking me, to me the question is, why would you not want to play with LeBron? "He's a victor and he's an incredible player and he's unselfish".

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