Marvel to release Avengers 4 trailer on Friday

Avengers 4 Prelude Comic Book’s Preview Released

Marvel to release Avengers 4 trailer on Friday

There's a rumor that the "Avengers 4" trailer will drop this week.

Meanwhile, Annihilation title leaker Jeremy Conrad teased: "The current rumour is that there may be some kind of "first look" tease coming on Thursday for the trailer prior to it launching on Saturday".

It's quite possible the trailer was scheduled to drop today instead of the now rumored Friday as it would allow fans to more closely tie Captain Marvel, whose trailer dropped on Monday, to Avengers 4 and help that film get a potential boost as fans hope to find hints or clues for Avengers 4. However, now that the second trailer for Captain Marvel (which is due out about two months before the Avengers 4) has been revealed, the chances of Marvel finally showing off the Infinity War sequel have gone up.

Holland also talked about scenes from Spider-Man: Homecoming when he wasn't supposed to.

On that note, it is also worth mentioning that this report serves as a follow up to a previous tweet from DanielRPK, which stated that the Avengers 4 trailer would actually release tomorrow, Wednesday, December 5.

The oddball then is really Avengers 4, and given the fact that it was filmed at the same time as Infinity War, there's really no reason there couldn't have been a trailer before now. That being said, DanielRPK has a history of providing accurate insider information related to trailer release dates.

Set to take place after the events of Avengers 4, many aspects of the film's plot are still not known, though it is certain that Peter Parker will make his way to Europe.

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