Ming Chi Kuo: AirPods With "All-New Design" to Drop in 2020

Kuo: AirPods with New Design Coming in 2020

Apple analyst Kuo sees updated AirPods with wireless charging support materializing in Q1 of 2019

He now says Apple will go with the latter scenario, adding that completely redesigned AirPods will launch in early 2020. Last month it was rumoured that future AirPods may keep tabs on your health as they are said to come with new health-specific sensors according to a patent filing. Kuo, however, has not confirmed what exactly "wireless charging support" means in its note obtained by Apple Insider.

However, Kuo also suggests that the new AirPods themselves will have upgraded Bluetooth specs (possibly Bluetooth 5.0, no word on a new Apple-made, W-series chip). The updates are predicted to drive strong sales growth for the product. No specifics were given, but it's expected that it will look different than the current charging case of the original AirPods. The former is more likely to have such capabilities, though.

Apple is also widely-rumoured to bring a an entirely new set of high-end AirPods that will be water resistant and will boast noise cancelation.

Kuo: AirPods with New Design Coming in 2020

As for the ones that Apple will unveil in Q1, 2019, it will feature always-on "Hey Siri" detection, a rigid-flex board, and come with a wireless charging case that will be redesigned internally for improved thermal threshold. That version will have an "all-new design model to boost replacement demand", Kuo writes. As always, take everything with a grain of salt.

The tech giant Apple unveiled the Apple TV 4K in September 2017. It was introduced in April 2017 as a device that can charge up to three wireless charging-capable devices at a time, but Apple hasn't said anything about it since. The AirPower mat, meanwhile, was conspicuously absent from his report.

Even if the product is pretty awesome, many are still looking forward to its next version, which is the sixth-generation model. As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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