Nelly makes personal plea to Bryce Harper to sign with Cardinals

Nelly throwing out first pitch at St. Louis Cardinals game in 2013

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But Yahoo Sports reported Monday that at least 12 teams requested meetings with Harper: the White Sox, Cubs, Padres, Nationals, Cardinals and Astros among them.

Bryce Harper seems to headline every Dodger fan's holiday wishlist.

Regardless of who was there, Harper's pursuit is problematic for the Dodgers.

Word on the street is that the Los Angeles Dodgers sent Magic Johnson, a minority owner of the franchise, to help recruit Harper to LA.

"Anything to get him here you know, if he needs Nelly tickets or tickets to a hockey game I think we should you know give it to him", he said. And that would only begin their countdown until Harper can opt out of what might be the biggest contract in the history of professional sports.

Harper, it is now clear, is a different story.

Minority owner and National Basketball Association legend Magic Johnson led a delegation to Harper's home town of Las Vegas, suggesting at a minimum that pursuing Harper is a serious consideration for an organization that has not generally chased top free agents under president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman.

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