Nvidia's Titan RTX doubles down on extreme pricing


Nvidia's Titan RTX doubles down on extreme pricing

Previously, Nvidia's consumer-oriented RTX range - the first to be based around the new Turing architecture with its ray tracing RT and deep learning Tensor Core acceleration hardware - topped out at the already-fairly-expensive GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

The Titan RTX graphics card will be available in both the United States and Europe later this month for $2,499.

GRAPHICS OUTFIT Nvidia has unveiled the Titan RTX, and is touting it, naturally, as the "world's most powerful desktop GPU".

On Saturday, VideoCardz posted about three such RTX Titan sightings; from the likes of Linus Tech Tips (YouTube video), Andrew Ng, and Gavin Free. The total number of tensor cores and RTX cores are both slightly higher, at 576 and 72, as opposed to 544 and 68. While it's not technically the fastest card Nvidia makes - that would be its professional-grade Quadro 6000, by a small margin - it's the fastest regular people can get.

Nvidia teased the GPU through "accidental" reveals on Instagram and a streamer's account before revealing it officially. Nvidia's decision to raise prices without commensurate performance improvements has not been popular. The green team thinks you may want even more, and it's just let loose its big gun: the Nvidia Titan RTX. The RTX 2070, a $500 card, maintains ~45fps in Battlefield V with RTX enabled at 1080p.

It's time for the RTX 2080 Ti to move over, because there's a new card climbing to the top of the RTX heap today.

It also includes 24GB of GDDR6 VRAM - double that of the RTX 2080 Ti - and is aimed at the hardcore computing needs of researchers as well as wealthy gamers. Meanwhile, early problems plaguing the RTX 2080 Ti were confirmed to be caused by Nvidia inadvertently shipping defective cards from the factory. Buy hey, at least it's $500 cheaper than the Titan V.

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