Ocasio-Cortez Claim About Pentagon Wrong — WashPost

Ocasio-Cortez in DC

Ocasio-Cortez Claim About Pentagon Wrong — WashPost

Now, she says it's time for her to "walk the walk" and pay her own congressional interns, a rare move in Congress.

And her chief of staff told The Washington Post that they intend to pay the interns "at least" $15 an hour.

Before the official announcement Tuesday, the congresswoman-elect criticized current congress members who now don't pay their interns.

The incoming progressive icon also called on Republicans to either cut their staffs or raise members' allowances so wages could increase.

"She cited the $21 trillion figure and said '66% of Medicare for All could have been funded already by the Pentagon, '" they noted.

Socialist Democrat Rep. -elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) is being ridiculed over a tweet where she attempts to show how easily it would be to pay for Medicare for All.

The House interns fare much worse with only 8 per cent of Republican interns who are paid and an abysmal 3.6 per cent of Democrats interns are.

"This week I went to dive spot in DC for some late night food".

"It is unjust for Congress to budget a living wage for ourselves, yet rely on unpaid interns & underpaid overworked staff just bc Republicans want to make a statement about 'fiscal responsibility'". "SEVERAL bartenders, managers, & servers now worked in Senate + House offices", she tweeted.

She shared a tweet that there are no apartments under $1,000-a-month on Capitol Hill- something that an intern making "zero dollars" would of not be able to afford without financial backing from their families.

Many government internships are unpaid, although many private companies have firm policies in place to pay their interns on an hourly basis, no matter what the specific jobs of those young people may be. "Schumer told FOX Business that, as of January, the office will offer 'eligible interns" a stipend".

Both the Senate and the House legislation in 2018 to set aside funding to pay interns starting in 2019, with the House appropriating $8 million toward it and the Senate setting aside $5 million. Each member of Congress is allowed four interns at a time.

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