Officer accused of killing man in wrong apartment indicted for murder

"We were determined to present to the grand jury all of the facts and explain to them the law". "He felt safe and he was violated by her coming in and murdering him", she said.

The news offered hope to Jean's family that Guyger would not get off with a light punishment for killing their loved one under the most auspicious of circumstances.

Guyger said she concluded her apartment was being burglarized and gave verbal commands to the person, who ignored them. The grand jury heard from witnesses on Monday and Wednesday and reviewed evidence in the case and made a decision on Friday. At the time the force was used - because that's what we look at in all criminal cases, whether it's a police officer or anybody else - when the force was used, her intent was an act clearly unsafe to human life.

Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson said Friday that Amber Guyger had turned herself in and posted bond.

Amber Guyger was arrested on a manslaughter charge three days after the September 6 shooting of Jean, prompting criticism that the original charge was too lenient.

District Attorney Faith Johnson says her office gave a full and complete presentation to the grand jury, which indicted Amber Guyger on a murder charge in the killing of 26-year-old Botham Jean.

After finishing her shift, Guyger told investigators, she returned home in uniform and parked on the fourth floor of her apartment complex's garage, rather than the third floor, where her unit was located, according to an affidavit prepared by the Texas Rangers. Still in her uniform, Guyger parked her vehicle in the complex and walked to what she believed was her apartment, according to an arrest warrant affidavit. She then opened the door to Jean's apartment, which was unlocked. She said she wanted to make sure the jury had everything they needed to "make the right choice".

Johnson said murder constitutes someone "intentionally and knowingly" committing a crime, whereas manslaughter involves "recklessly doing something".

The court records Friday showed both a manslaughter and murder charge entered in Guyger's file, but a clerk of court clerk confirmed that the murder charge is the one prosecutors are moving forward on.

She was arrested on September 9, three days after the incident and according to the arrest warrant, Guyger said it was dark, she saw a figure she did not recognize and believed "she had encountered a burglar".

Johnson also spoke about why it took her office two months to bring the case in front of a grand jury. "We are focused on seeing this case through (to) a proper conviction and through an appropriate sentencing". Fifteen-year-old Jordan Edwards was fatally shot.

Ms Guyger has been fired from the department and Mr Jean's family has filed a lawsuit against her and the city of Dallas.

About Botham Jean: Jean was originally from St. Lucia in the Caribbean, and had moved to Dallas to work at Pricewaterhouse Cooper, according to his mother. He attended college in Arkansas and had been working in Dallas for accounting and consulting firm PwC.

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