Pokemon Go PVP Finally Coming, Let Trainer Battles Begin

Pokémon Go  NianticNiantic shared this image of a ‘Pokémon Go’ trainer battle on Twitter

Pokémon Go NianticNiantic shared this image of a ‘Pokémon Go’ trainer battle on Twitter

When it originally launched, Pokemon Go only had one method of PVP, in the form of gyms that were located in various spots around the map. Niantic indicated this will create some balance for longtime users and new users regardless of the level of their Pokemon. Now after getting so many rumors, Niantic is bringing Pokemon Go PvP Mode in the upcoming update.

Earlier today the Pokemon Go Twitter account tweeted images of player-versus-player along with work Trainer Battles were "coming soon". "#GOBattle". The tweet sparked a flurry of discussion and speculation on the much-anticipated feature for the game.

Along with the legendary pokemon, "Pokemon Go" players will encounter familiar field research tasks which Niantic have chosen based on their popularity with players.

Niantic made it clear in a tweet that the CP restrictions in the Great and Ultra Leagues are meant to force players to make more strategic choices during battle, rather than just relying on CP to brute force a victory. Great League has a limit of 1,500 CP per Pokemon, Ultra League has a limit of 2,500 CP per Pokemon, and Master League has no CP limit. However, there has not been a release date for when the patch will be out. Not only are "Trainer Battles" on their way, they'll be coupled with so-called "Battle Leagues" with CP caps, allowing every Pokemon in your collection a chance to shine. While we wait for additional details from Niantic, we'll be daydreaming about encountering other Pokemon GO players and challenging them to a battle.

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