Turkey's Erdogan praises Venezuela strongman's 'exemplary attitude' in first visit

Magnificent future for Turkey and Venezuela Maduro

Turkey's Erdogan praises Venezuela strongman's 'exemplary attitude' in first visit

"At this moment we are leaving for Russian Federation to strengthen and expand our diplomatic relations and friendly ties between the brotherly nations", Maduro tweeted.

"Turkey will play a critical role in the new multi-polar, multi-centered world", Maduro said, adding that Caracas also has a "multi-polar agenda".

Figures from the Turkish Statistical Institute say that in the first nine months of the year, Turkey bought $900 million in gold mined in Venezuela - revenue that has helped replace the government's crashing oil revenues.

Maduro also wrote on his official Twitter page that he was headed to an "important work meeting" with Putin. "Naturally, we condemn any terrorist action, any attempts to use force to change the situation".

While Erdogan did not directly mention the United States or Trump, he said his "friend" Maduro was facing "manipulative attacks from certain countries and acts of sabotage from economic assassins".

Maduro applauded Russian Federation and other allied countries for helping Venezuela "survive" through what he claimed was a concerted Western effort to end his regime.

Even as crude production shrinks, Venezuela must maintain deliveries to Russia, China and Cuba to meet debt payments and appease political allies, while also shipping oil to the United States for hard currency that Maduro needs to run his country.

At the start of their talks, Putin told Maduro that Moscow is aware that the "situation in Venezuela remains dire".

The South American country has suffered from economic woes since 2014, when a crash in the price of crude prompted a crisis that has sparked an exodus of some two million people. Maduro said in the video, his fists pressed together.

"No details, let's wait for the negotiations", Peskov insisted.

"The talks will focus on the help that the Venezuelan leadership needs", Peskov told reporters, declining to be more specific on how much Russian Federation could lend. "It all [Russia's help to Venezuela] will be discussed at today's meeting".

Hit by low oil prices, mismanagement, hyperinflation and the impact of USA sanctions, Venezuela's economy has plummeted.

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