Tyler Perry pays off layaway items at 2 Georgia Walmart stores

Tyler Perry Surprises Layaway Shoppers At Two Atlanta-Area Walmarts

Tyler Perry Pays Over $430K For Walmart Layaway Gifts In Atlanta

Perry posted a video telling his followers that if they had layaways at the Walmart stores in East Point and Douglasville, Ga., before 9:30 a.m. on December 6, 2018, that they would only have to pay a penny to retrieve them.

Shoppers at two Walmart locations in Atlanta have gotten quite the holiday surprise if they had any items of layaway since Tyler Perry has paid every bill at each location.

A Walmart manager at the Douglasville location told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that while she'd seen good samaritans pay off the occasional account, she'd never seen anyone pay off the entire department in one go. Well, almost. Individuals with items on reserve in those stores can go pick them up for a single penny.

Spreading the wealth to those is need is no new act for Perry, as all throughout 2018, he has practiced this gesture.

"I know it's hard times, everyone's struggling and I'm just really, really grateful to be able to be in a position to do this", Perry said in the video.

"Talk about a Merry Christmas!".

"I was trying to do this anonymously, but you know nothing stays secret these days", Perry said in the recorded message. Tyler Perry just reminded everyone of the true meaning of the season.

We're told Perry dropped $178k at one store in ATL and another $256k at a nearby store in Douglasville.

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