Was Cow Slaughter Protest That Killed UP Cop Staged? Police Investigate

Hundreds of villagers incensed over the death of the sacred animals pelted stones at officers sent to quell the violence just 130 kilometers from New Delhi

Was Cow Slaughter Protest That Killed UP Cop Staged? Police Investigate

The ADG said three others were taken into custody for interrogation and that raids were underway across the state to arrest Raj and others involved in the violence.

Though both Singh and Sumit died of gunshot injuries, the inspector, who was posted at the Siana Police Station, also received injuries from hard and blunt objects, Kumar said. When police tried to intervene, the angry mob resorted to stone pelting and torching of vehicles.

The chief minister was already facing flak from the opposition parties for attending a laser show in Gorakhpur when the violence broke out in Bulandshahr on Monday (December 3).

Police in India are investigating whether a deadly protest over the alleged slaughter of a cow, an animal many Hindus consider sacred, was aimed at sparking religious tension during a Muslim gathering.

The second FIR has booked main suspect Yogesh Raj, 28, believed to be a member of the Bajrang Dal, along with 26 others named by Chandra, and 50-60 unidentified persons, under 17 charges relating to murder, sedition, arson and dacoity. "We put injured SHO in an official vehicle but the mob again launched an attack".

Bhola Singh, the BJP lawmaker from the district, told reporters the protests escalated because people were agitated over two recent incidents of cow slaughter.

In the scuffle that erupted between the cops and the unknown protestors a the police inspector, Subodh Verma of Shyana police station got killed said the Civil Lines (Aligarh) police official.

She bit their hands and managed to break free and escape, and her father filed a complaint with police same day, he said.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath preferred to stay mum on the two murders but summoned top officials on Tuesday and ordered a thorough investigation and directed authorities to ensure strict action against those involved in cow slaughter which was said to be the trigger for the brutal incident in Bulandshahr on Monday.

Many states, including Uttar Pradesh, have started enforcing bans on cow slaughter since the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party came to power in 2014.

It is unclear where the alleged cow slaughter occurred.

"While the police continued to back off in self-defence, the mob of anarchic elements continued to get more aggressive and offensive".

"My husband was killed in a planned manner as part of a conspiracy".

A Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been constituted to probe the cause of the violence in Bulandshahr district, senior police officer Prashant Kumar told local ANI news agency.

"After the cow carcasses were found, villagers were satisfied with a written complaint and agreed to end the matter. They blocked a road with a tractor and pelted stones", he said.

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