YouTube Rewind 2018 turned out to be the worst rewind video ever

People aren’t happy about the star featuring at the expense of You Tubers

People aren’t happy about the star featuring at the expense of You Tubers

Or, it could just be a very well-done music video. The fact that it has over 2 million views is not that surprising really - the singer-songwriter added some exceptional soul and modern polish to a nostalgic favorite with the help of fellow homegrown musical talents.

This puts it on track to beat last year's Rewind in terms of dislikes already - it's just 200k behind already and is now the 16th most disliked YouTube video of all-time.

After that, it's all downhill.

For those who haven't experienced the YouTube Rewind in the past, it's a video recap produced each year by YouTube and Portal A Interactive. Undeservingly in the eighth spot (in a better world, it'd be trending way higher than frivolous content) was Channel NewsAsia's intriguing look into Singapore's only women's prison.

"This family, which has 8 million subscribers to their channel, they basically went through a whole bunch of those iconic Fortnite dances and they tried to recreate them in their hallway", Brindle said. The uber-popular YouTuber sparked more than backlash when he posted a video of an actual suicide victim while hiking through Japan's Aokigahara forest, also known as "Suicide Forest". Alongside travel vlogging couple Titan & Gaius, cryptocurrency connoisseur Rock The Block Live, and Millennials of Singapore.

YouTube Singapore also released its second Rising Creators List to highlight emerging producers who have had significant subscriber growth over the past year. It's not all lollipops and rainbows, the video even jokes about "Let's read the comments" something people know to avoid when on YouTube.

While YouTube's Rewind is disappointing we are trembling in anticipation for the responses from other creators such as videogamedunkey who made his own rewind for 2016.

Billed by the participants as "the biggest YouTube event in history", there's no denying that this fight dominated headlines this year.

"She has millions of fans that are more likely to share and engage on her videos". For a sense of scale, Rewind has been viewed over 1 billion times since 2012, and the 2016 and 2017 editions were each viewed over 200 million times.

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